The Flipped Out Story

I'm a Father, Musician, DJ & Designer. I'm a Proud Father that loves his kids and enjoys his life. I have been in the Music Business since 1993 and still going strong. I have made my mark in this Business numerous times but I still continue to help and guide those who are coming up and striving to make it. I have played in Clubs and Radio Stations in Washington D.C. , New York City, Jersey, North & South Carolina, Florida, Atlanta, Canada, Texas, California, Seattle Washington, Jamaica,UK, Tokyo,Germany,Etc.

I'm tired of naming places just know i've been around a long time and I've put in my work. I am apart of numerous labels as the DJ for their Artist and the one who remixes their music and does their Promo Cds. If you are Aspiring to be in this business give me a hit. My life is Music. I am continuing my Reign as an untouchable DJ in this Business.